Best Garbage Disposal Reviews and Buying Guide

A garbage disposal is an electrically powered device installed underneath a sink to shred food waste into pieces that can pass through plumbing. They are installed between the sink’s drain and the trap. Buying the best garbage disposal for your home can help get of the various kinds of waste that can pile up at home.

How to buy a garbage disposal

Buying a garbage disposal is important as discussed above, however with the many brands and types, how do you choose the right one? Below are some tips to help you buy the best garbage disposal

1Easy installation

There are different garbage disposals, many of which are easy to install. However some are difficult to install than others, make sure the type you choose is easy to install. In addition it’s important to look at the set up underneath your sink before buying a garbage disposal to see whether you can install the device and to help you estimate the size you should buy.

2Quality materials

The quality of materials used in a garbage disposal matter a lot. Make sure the garbage disposal is rust proof and can stay longer. A garbage disposal whose grinders are made of stainless steel is most preferred since it tends to last longer than those made of plastic, galvanized steel or a combination of materials

3. Features

The right disposer should have the right features for your home. For example if you have small kids, you should go for the batch feed garbage disposal since its safer. Batch garbage disposals are only activated when the lid is covered by the electric lid. If your home is on a septic tank rather that a sewer, you need to choose a septic-safe disposer.

4. Quiet operation

Many people would prefer a disposer that produces the least noise. However the acceptable level of noise a disposer produces depends on personal preferences. What may be acceptable to one person may be too much to another. The ideal produces acceptable and non interruptive levels of noise during operation.

5. Removable splashguard

The splashguard makes sure that the food waste stays in the unit. It would be convenient to buy a garbage disposal whose splashguard is removable when cleaning the sink.

6. Customer reviews

Before buying any product, it’s important to check user reviews to help you choose the best product. Before you buy a disposer, look at various user reviews online and see the best garbage disposal that is popular among users. Consider both positive and negative reviews. People like writing reviews about their experience using specific products to help people make informed decisions before making a purchase. Avoid disposers with negative reviews. The good thing about user reviews is that they give honest and unbiased data about a product. You can go to sites such as, search garbage disposals and look at the various user reviews.

7. Warranty

Make sure to get a solid warranty when buying a disposer. In fact before making the purchase, ask the provider whether he/she offers warranty on the disposer and for how long. Having a warranty can save you money and stress later. In case the garbage disposal malfunctions you should be able to call the provider to fix the problem at no extra cost as stated in the warranty. A malfunctioned disposer can leave you with an unusable sink and latent water damage to your home.

A garbage disposal is a great investment given the many benefits it comes with. However just like any device, you need to take good care of it. Avoid putting food items that are too hard such as bones as these can dull the shredder and make it less effective, cut large items such as banana peelings, potatoes peelings, artichokes etc. Clean the disposer regularly. If the disposer breaks down past your warranty period, read the instructions on the manual for advice on how to go about repairing it to avoid further damage. Make sure you choose the best garbage disposal for value for your money and to ensure you get the best quality. Garbage disposals are helpful devices that you should consider having.

Best garbage disposal comparison

To help you find the right disposal garbage, we created the comparison :

Price range
Waste King Legend Series 1 HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal with Power Cord - (L-8000)14.8 PondsLife Time$135-$3404.6
InSinkErator Evolution Compact 3/4 HP 20 Ponds4 Years $174-$3654.6
KitchenAid Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal25 Ponds$233-$2694.7
Waste Maid 458 Deluxe 3/4 HP Food Waste 55 Ponds10 Years$115-$1494.9
General Electric GFC720V 3/4 Horsepower12 Ponds1 Years$126-$1494

Garbage disposal benefits

Using a garbage disposal has many benefits including:

1. More sanitary home conditions

A garbage disposal unit grinds food items; this reduces the amount of garbage you have to deal with in your home leading to reduced garbage bags and trips to the garbage can. Grinding food waste items reduces chances of decomposed food which could attract insects, animals and pests. In addition people who use biodegradable bags to dispose off their kitchen waste will reduce the number of bags they use. Lastly since waste food is ground and flushed in the sewer system your home will be more sanitary than leaving the same food to stand in the garbage can, which can lead to thriving of harmful bacteria

2. Better smelling kitchen

The difference between a home with a garbage disposal unit and one without is enormous. A home without a garbage disposal system will most likely have an awful smell coming from the rotting food items in the garbage can, compared to a home with a garbage disposal unit. Since garbage is ground and flushed down the system, your kitchen is less likely to have an awful smell.

3. Environment friendly

Scraps are left in landfills to decompose before being transferred to sewage treatment plants where they are put to better use. Food ground up in the disposal and sent to the local municipal water treatment plant where it’s used in most cases to create energy methane gas- which is produced during the treatment process can be harvested and used to generate electricity power. Basically, garbage disposal makes garbage disposal easier and environmental friendly.

4. Lighter trash

Kitchen waste is ground and flushed down the drain. This reduces the amount of trash you have to dispose yourself. Lowering the amount of waste that needs to be taken to landfills saves you money as you won’t have to fuel your car to dispose of the waste. Your work is to choose the best garbage disposal.

5. Easy clean up

The disposal unit can grind all the organic matter, crumbs and other kitchen waste to make cleaning easier. One popular tip to make cleaning easy is to wipe all the waste towards the sink and into the disposal.