Frigidaire FGDI753DMS Gallery Series Direct-Wired 3/4 HP Continuous-Feed Waste Disposer

 Frigidaire FGDI753DMS Gallery Series Direct-Wired 3/4 HP Continuous-Feed Waste Disposer

 This product contains a high torque magnetic motor which provides instant power to quickly grind wastes without jamming. It Garbage Dispoal Reviewsconsumes less electricity and water than the conventional motor. Food waste can be disposed continuously using continuous feed operation. It has UltraQuiet I sound guard, which makes grinding quiet. It has a handy splash guard to prevent food from splashing back into the sink when grinding.

 Key Features

 Its 2700rpm and  HP GrindPro magnet motor provides more power for immediate and quick grinding of wastes without jamming while economizing water and electricity. This makes the operation more efficient.

 Easy fit design

 The compact and lightweight design fists almost all existing sink mouths for simple and quick installation.

 Grinding performance and continuous feed operation

 It has a high power which makes it to grind food more quickly and into very fine particles. This makes the disposal of food efficient and easy.

 Stainless steel grinding system, turn table and impellers

 The system uses jam resistant dual impellers which resist corrosion and also extend the life of the disposer. It also allows food to be grinded quickly and easily.

 UltraQuiet I sound guard

 The guard reduces disruptive noises in your kitchen making it possible to perform the operation anytime with convenience.

 Splash guard and overload protector

 It prevents food wastes from splashing back into the sink during the operation. The overload protector prevents the motor from overheating and having a burnout. This in turn contributes to the efficiency of the motor.

 It comes with a 5 year limited warranty

 Reviews from our customers

The machine works very well even after being used for a long time of about a year. It works very efficiently and it is a good as new. The grinding is done very well.

 This Frigidaire FGDI753DMS Gallery Series Direct-Wired 3/4 HP Continuous-Feed Waste Disposer

 Performs very good, the work is done very quietly unlike the previous badger. The process is done in a very amazing manner. One can do other chores in the kitchen while the machine does its work since it does not produce a lot of noise.

The engine motor is very good. it does not consume a lot of power, the electricity bill does not go up drastically. It uses little water and is not fed continuously. The disposal of food is really very encouraging.

 Unlike the old machines, this one is very clean. The food being grinded does not leak back on the sink when grinding. The machine really does a clean job. There is no dirt left after grinding.

 The reason this machine is not ideal is its connection to the power systems. It is somehow complex to connect it. After a long continuous use the machine gets hot and one has to switch off the manual switch which if not done, the machine would burn out.

 Where to buy

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