How to Clean a Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals are great additions to any kitchen as they are used to clean away any unwanted food scrap fast. Despite the fact that they are self cleaning, one in while they need your attention which helps to prevent formation of odors as well as keep it in excellent condition. Below you will find easy steps on how to clean a garbage disposal

 Get rid of all lodged items physically 

Before you go ahead and start on the techniques on how to clean a garbage disposal, it is important to remove all the large items that are lodged in the appliance. Do not forget to turn off the fuse. Tongs or pliers can be used to remove any objects that have been trapped. Do not use your hands but if you have to, use a flashlight to double check the grinder to ensure that it does not turn on while you are at it. When you are don, run hot water down the drain as this helps to get loose of any loose grime or dirt. From here, use ice cubes and salt as this helps to get rid of tougher debris and sludge as it gets attached to the elements. Pour 2 cups of ice followed by a cup of rock salt. Alternatively, frozen white vinegar can also be used on this step on how to clean a garbage disposal. Finish off by scrubbing with a scrub brush or an old toothbrush.

Eliminating odors 

After you are done with cleaning, it is also important to also try and get rid of odors as part of the process on how to clean a garbage disposal. This can be done in a simple manner using citrus fruit peels to freshen the disposal and clean the bladed leaving it smelling fresh. Vinegar and baking soda can also be used to the same effect where you first sprinkle.  cup of baking soda followed by a cup of vinegar. Let this this sit for about 10 minutes before it is rinsed with boiling or hot water. A little bleach is another option you have as it not only removes odor but also kills germs. Alternatively use about 4 teaspoons of borax then flush with hot water.

 As you try some of the methods on how to clean a garbage disposal, it is also vital to maintain the disposal by only using bio- degradable foods. Cut large food items into small pieces as this reduces chances of getting stuck. It is also advisable to run the disposable unit for long periods of time when it’s used to ensure everything is cleared away. Do not use grease on the garbage disposal.