How to Replace your garbage disposal

Procrastination is often the biggest issue when it comes to replacing a garbage disposal at home and the sarrounding, as there is no leaking at first after failure.

You should be smiling however, because replacing a garbage disposal is a fairly simple task, not requiring any expertise in plumbing. Modern plastic waste kits rarely cause leakage and they have quick and easy electrical connections. You can buy a disposer from a retail outlet, but it would be wise to first confirm that your old unit is not just jammed.

A food disposer can be jammed by hard stringy foods such as celery and other kitchen paraphernalia including scouring pads and twist-ties. Jamming is a common problem, and jamming does not equate replacing of the garbage disposal. You need check for objects in the perimeter openings of the drum. If there is nothing, use the wrench to twist the motor spline left and right. If it turns freely, ensure the circuit breaker hasn’t tripped and try the reset button. If these steps don’t work and the warranty has expired, it is time to replace your garbage disposal.

First, you have to remove the old unit after shutting off the power. Loosen the ground screw and remove both wire connectors. Disconnect the hose and undo the drain crosspiece by loosening the bolts binding the drain flange to the disposer. Remove it by rotating it counter clockwise.

To install the new drain assembly, use putty to stick it into the sink hole. Then slide the cardboard washer and backup ring onto the drain spud. Mount the flange and snap the retaining ring onto the drain spud.You should now tighten the bolts. Wire the new disposer before installing. You start by threading the old box connector into the base of the new disposer. Insert the circuit wires and conduit into the connector and secure the conduit. The black circuit wire joins the black lead in one connector, and the white does the same in another. To use the dishwasher fitting, poke the plug out of the nipple and retrieve it. Lift the disposer to the sink drain and rotate clockwise. You now need to plumb the disposer’s drain outlet, and finally trim the crosspiece, connect it to the drain tee and install the P trap.

These simple instructions on how to replace your garbage disposal should give you a new working disposer.