Step by Step guide On How To Install a Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposal is an easy way to get rid of food waste in the kitchen. With the right tools and a little patience, you can easily install a garbage disposer for yourself. Here is a step to step guide on how to install a garbage disposal:

Turn the power off and remove the drain lines
First, turn the power off at the breaker and check under the system whether the disposal system will fit.
Place a cloth in the main drain to prevent any leakage and remove the drain lines
Unscrew the nut at the base of the sink flange and then pull the body strainer through the sink and remove it.

Remove the putty and loosen all screws
Using a screwdriver, remove the putty that is around the opening of the sink and using a rag clean up the sink to ensure no putty is left.
Turn over the mounting assembly and unscrew all the screw until you access the snap ring.

Remove the snap ring
Remove the snap ring from the sink flange using a screwdriver and the mounting assembly will fall apart. Carefully separate all its parts taking care not to damage the fiber gasket.

Apply putty
Roll plumber putty on the opening of the sink and press it firmly, then slip the metal backup ring and fiber gasket over the flange of the sink.

Slip the Mounting Ring on the Flange
Holding the backup ring and fiber gasket into place, slip the mounting ring on the flange of the sink ensuring that it seats against the back-up ring. Use a wide rubber band to hold the parts in place and put it around the flange above the snap ring groove.

Install the snap ring
Slid the snap ring up the flange of the sink; ensure that it pops in to the groove. Make sure you remove the rubber band.
Tighten mounting screws and clean up all the additional putty.

Push the plug

Before you connect the dishwasher line, knock the plug out. First, turn the dishwasher on its side and push it in to the plug using a flat head screwdriver, tap it all round to make the plug down inside the unit.

Retrieve the Plug
Turn the whole unit upright, remove the ring and gasket, and then turn it upside down to retrieve the plug. Replace the ring and the gasket and insert a wire clamp in the electrical hole.

Remove the cover of the access hole
Remove all the screws that hold the cover of the access hole and remove the cover.
Pull the disposal wires out.

Connect and Secure the Wires
Put the electrical wires in the wire camp and connect the black wire to the black one and white wire to the white wire in the access hole. Using wire nuts, secure the wires together and hook up the ground wire.

Push the Wires to the Access Hole
After everything is hooked up, push all the wires in to the access hole and cover it with screws. Ensure that you tighten the electrical camp.

Mount the Disposal System 
Insert the top end of the mounting gasket in the mounting assembly and turn the lower mounting ring until the tabs snug into position. Using adjustable pliers, lock the tabs on the ridge.

Install the Drain Lines
Attach the trap arm and tailpiece and then insert the discharge tube in the T fitting. Insert the other end of discharge tube to the garbage disposal system and using a screw driver, secure the metal flange with bolts that came with the disposal system. Ensure all the slip nuts are tightened.